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Now… I have no problem admitting that I was not the biggest Beyonce fan. I respected Destiny’s Child and bopped along to ‘Get Me Bodied’ and ‘Love on Top’, but I wasn’t committed and I still don’t know why. Lemonade was an amazing piece of work and inspired this 'Hot Sauce' pin, but still, I was good.

hot sauce lapel pin

Until……. Coachella 2018, better known as Beychella. Sis came out STUNTING! 


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Beyonce was the first black woman to headline Coachella in its 19-year history. She gave us all the full-blown HBCU experience that had me missing my days at Hampton University. Her performance was an ode to a piece of black culture. A culture that some will never experience, yet all of us are proud of. It was this performance that had me flying to Houston for the OTR II tour. 

So guess what……Now I’m a fan and now I’m inspired. For this art piece, I went back and forth between Procreate for Ipad and Adobe Illustrator. 
Procreate, using the Apple Pen, allows you to draw directly onto the screen. As you can see, this is what I used for her hair. I'm still trying to get used to this technique. I was never really into digital drawing pads, but you can make some adjustments to mimic the feeling of an actual pencil. 


Beyonce artwork .gif


With Illustrator being vector based, you'll have more control over creating lines, shapes, and colors.


She illustrates Beyonce artwork

And because you can save whatever you do in Procreate as a Photoshop (.psd) file, transferring your hand-drawn artwork into Illustrator is a breeze. 

she illustrates artwork drawn by Keisha Archer

A documentary about Beyonce's Coachella performance is now airing on Netflix so you better sign up for that free trial or get on someone’s family plan. And prepare yourself, this documentary is a whole ass 2 hours and 17 minutes. 

Also, comment below to let me know if I should keep this mug on the site.

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