Is This A Black-Owned Business?

She Illustrates-Keisha and Zoey
Recently, someone slid in my DM’s asking if this was a black-owned business, I LOL’d and had to go back to my feed to see what would give the impression that it wasn’t. Apparently, using my sometimes manicured hand in photos isn’t enough. But, I get it. Being black is the new black and EVERYONE wants a piece of it.


This made me face one of my biggest struggles. Grasping the fact that I have to put myself in front of my business. Like most artist, I’d rather be behind the camera, locked up inside creating my work. Being an introvert is stressful. I don’t crave the limelight and I never have. BUT, authenticity doesn’t really work when you’re hiding behind art and pin posts. Who’d believe you without a little bit of transparency?

Keisha in the Ayanna T-shirt

Ayanna T-Shirt 

So yes, She’s black…. She’s a woman….She owns this. Enjoy your weekend!

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