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Recently, I've been struggling with trying to figure out what it is I wanted to do with She Illustrates. I currently love the direction that my business is going, but I am also aware that staying in the same lane and going in the same direction will get me nowhere. As an introvert, I’ve hidden so much of myself and my talents, and it's only until recently that I've realized that I've been in my way of personal success. The thought of finding outlets to put myself out there has always given me some form of anxiety and comes across as overwhelming, so I just never did anything. But at the same time, my passion is so strong that I can’t let being an introvert continue to hold me back.

Blogging came to mind because, when it comes to your business, there’s, but so much you can put on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram can help you to become more engaging and connect you with people you may not otherwise have ever had the chance to meet. It can also help you to get your point across without using any words visually. But Instagram, owned by Facebook, can be shut down in a heartbeat. Facebook can get enough complaints about your page to the point where, if they decide, you will no longer exist. And that's a scary thought. With blogging, you have more control over your work, ideas, and content. It'll also allow me to share more of my creativity with you without much limitation.


Recently, I spent some time in London and Paris and I can wholeheartedly say that this trip solidified my perspective of myself and what it is I want and need to do to achieve personal success. Understand that I AM proud of my life and the achievements that I've accomplished thus far, but those successes almost always benefited someone else. She Illustrates started out as a personal outlet because I started to feel a bit lost and over this past year She has grown to the point where I need to take it more seriously. So serious that I will be walking away from a C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer) position to create my career path and to spend more time growing this business. Scary, I know. But I’m ready. I spent years daydreaming about working for myself and lately I’ve noticed that all of this daydreaming is beginning to happen.


I've read so many different types of blogs over the years and want to credit them for sparking my creativity again after a 10-year hiatus. When you have a full-time job, it can cause you to become so robotic in your day to day living. Creating my business had caused awareness in me that has never been there before and made me more excited about the future. That awareness is that it is possible people will like your work, and you can maybe make a career out of this.

Keisha at The Louvre

So what should you expect from me?
My Creative Process, things that inspire me on a daily basis, projects that I'm working on, to name a few. I make pins, but I'm not just a pin maker. She Illustrates, as a whole, has to make sense. I have so many creative thoughts and ideas that I'm currently trying to figure out how to execute, and I want to give you guys something that you've never really seen before. I don't mind sharing some things showing people how I create. There are so many of you out there that's in the same state of mind as me: pure confusion and uncertainty. Knowing what you want to do but unsure of how to execute it. Of course, I'm no expert, but I do know that I can share a few things and, well, I am currently doing this.
Keisha at the Palais
Self-doubt is truly blinding. Being an artist can cause you to be overly critical of yourself and can make or break your confidence. Over this past year, I've realized that at the end of the day if you never put yourself out there, then you will never know or understand how great you truly are. Understand that you have nothing to lose and that practice makes perfect. I'm sure, in a year, I'll look back at my first blog post and see all of the grammatical errors, the strange way my words flowed, and the tone that I didn't mean to have. But, my passion is strong enough to keep me going. And I promise not to be too corny or cliché with this blog. If you find that I am, let me know but be nice about it, lol.



  • Kia Flowers said:

    It’s inspiring to see women achieving their dreams “scared”. It encourages me to step out on faith. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    January 02, 2019

  • Sindy said:

    This is dope!! Keep living it and inspiring some of us because that’s exactly what you are doing inspiring us, me!

    October 29, 2018

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