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It's no secret that, aside from my everyday experiences, I use Instagram for daily inspiration. I've mentioned in the past that I find my inspiration in the beauty and strength of black women. We are so impressive that on a daily basis you will see others trying to duplicate our charm, finesse, amongst other things. There is so much artistic expression in the way ahead is cocked or the color of a lip, and with my art, I try to show that in many simple ways.

One photo, in particular, showed up in my feed and I was instantly in love. There are days when I'm inspired, and then there are days when I am not. Today was that day! 

serenity girl1

When I first started drawing again, I decided I didn't want to add color to any of my works because I didn't want anyone to judge the pieces by their skin tone automatically. With my first pin, I saw unnecessary judgement, and it was a bit shocking. Without the color, you can tell who they represent just by looking at them. Adding color changes the mood and the feel of it. I love them both for different reasons. 

serenity girl 2

And the more I worked on it, the more I started to think: What would this look like as a pin?

serenity girl3 

So, of course, she's going to be a pin, and with every pin that I produce, I can only hope that it comes out the way I envisioned.


I need help finding a name though. I tend to over think small things like this. I don't know why, but if it feels forced, I can't do it. Comment below what you think I should name her and if I choose it, you'll receive this pin for free!

Deadline: 05/31/2018

This giveaway is closed. Thank you Lady T!


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  • Exude…this pin exudes power, beauty, and simplicity as the essence of the Black woman. The effortless nature of her profile, tank top, and natural hair paired with a gold hoop earring and a pop of color on the lip is the essence of Our beauty.

    Marquita on
  • I think she should be named Essence✨

    Kaila on
  • Better then Gold is my entry name. Love this pin!

    Bre Baldwin on
  • What about Riley

    Chelsey on
  • My entry is The “ I have time today” pin.

    Tiffany Rogers on

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